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Neufeld Jones works with real estate sellers in Kelowna to create and deliver an effective marketing plan. Primarily, it has to work with a seller’s lifestyle, but it also has to work with the market. We recognize that selling a home is a big decision. It takes time and effort on both parts to accommodate showings – especially post 2020. Our clients list their homes for sale for many different reasons, and it’s always our pleasure to tailor make a plan that sells. As a result, each plan we launch takes into account a sellers priorities while effectively delivering on price and value.

Learn more about some of the online and offline marketing that Neufeld Jones uses in their custom real estate marketing plans below.


Love it or hate it social media marketing isn’t going anywhere. Neufeld Jones is on the love side for social media because it works!  We use social media to generate interest and awareness for our customer’s homes for sale.  Tools like Instagram allow us to increase our reach to potential buyers. We feature each one of our new listings across our social media platforms. As a result we can analyze the engagement we receive and make any adjustments necessary.

Social media allows us to track a user’s interest. Therefore, we can tell if they’ve found us on social and then popped on over to our website for a deeper dive. It’s a handy metric that complements much of the marketing we do offline. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are staples in our marketing playbook.

Tik-Tok coming your way soon?

You aren’t likely to see us executing highly choreographed Tik-Tok routines anytime soon. However, we will continue to use social media to gauge interest in our customer’s properties for sale.


There’s no question that a great mobile and web presence is imperative to any real estate marketing plan. We spend a great deal of our advertising budget to ensure that our website is using the most current technology.  That’s because our website is the cornerstone of our marketing efforts.

Real time listing technology is used to showcase more than just our own listings in Kelowna.  By pulling in data from all agents in the Central Okanagan we can draw in more buyer traffic and attention to our own featured listings.

Key-terms buyers actually search for.

This strategy is combined with other best online practices surrounding search engine marketing and optimization. As a result our listings and website show up first for a growing list of key terms targeted towards Kelowna real estate marketing. This strategy helps us bring more qualified leads to your property for sale.


Video used to be a nice to have. It has quickly become a need to have. Especially when we look back at how 2020 evolved.  Neufeld Jones uses video to capture the imagination of potential Kelowna home buyers. We can use it to detail the homes amenities, show off the neighbourhood and provide additional details otherwise hard to describe.

Visual story telling is important to today’s home sellers. Through the use of video tours we are able to improve safe showing standards. Using video cuts down on the amount of physical visitors required in a home. It also cuts down the amount of time that a potential buyer needs to spend on site. Since they can always view the video to refresh their memory, it acts as a very useful resource in our marketing plan. We can also reach a much larger, captive audience when real estate listings are posted on YouTube.

Visual story telling is imperative.

In conclusion, using video is an integral part of our real estate marketing plan for Kelowna properties.


Neufeld Jones uses professional grade photography for every listing.  We learned long ago that professional listing photos make all the difference when selling real estate. Professional photos help to show off your home in the best light possible. As a result homes that are presented properly tend to spend less time on the market.

Photography also helps our out of town buyers get a good feel for neighbourhoods they would otherwise be unfamiliar with. Our photographer works with our clients schedules to prepare for a photo shoot.  Photo shoots for average sized residential listings take an average of 30 minutes to complete.

When first impressions matter most.

Images are a core component included in each of our seller’s marketing plans. Without professional level photos you can expect your home to sit on the market a little longer. Therefore, you’ll never catch us showing up to a listing with a cell phone camera.


Another great marketing feature to help sell your home is a professional floor plan & 3D rendering. Not every homeowner has access to the original floor plans from when their home was constructed. Especially in homes where extensive renovations have occurred over the course of decades.

Technology has thankfully caught up to what used to be a painstaking challenge. We can now use technology to scan and capture your home’s measurements and room locations. All of this data is then presented online for potential buyers. Similar to a virtual tour they can connect to each room as if they there in person.

Save time and eliminate multiple site visits.

Once again, this technology helps us to market your home more safely in today’s cautious climate.


Feature sheets have long been a staple in any real estate marketing plan. We include feature sheets at every home tour, property showing and open house.  They’re a great way to remind buyers about your home once they’ve left a showing.  Buyers tend to line up a few properties in one day, so having a feature sheet available for them is always a welcome touch.

Our feature sheets are professionally designed and prominently display photography of your home.  We also include shots of the local area where applicable. Resourceful information such as price, MLS ® number, approximate room sizes and a detailed description of the home are also featured.

Accelerate the sale of your home.

Overlooking the feature sheet is not an option in a great marketing program. This is why we also include a simple digital version in all of our featured listings as well. Potential buyers are welcome to print property feature sheets directly from our website. This option is available for any listings we display online.

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