Million dollar homes for sale Kelowna

million dollar homes for sale KelownaThis website page features million dollar homes for sale in Kelowna. Kelowna is known for it’s pricey real estate. The average home price is not far from the million dollar mark which makes Kelowna a competitive market.  If you’ve been searching for a new home and you want something special then you’re in the right place! Below we have included a selection of homes in Kelowna that are over the 2 million dollar mark. Many of these homes are located in desirable locations. Many more have features that you would expect of a home with this price tag. These items include, pools, lake access, theatre rooms, gourmet kitchens and privacy. There are also properties that have future potential value included in this list. They might be holding properties for future development or farm land currently in the ALR. Whatever you’re looking for can be found with our assistance. Get in touch with our real estate team if you’ve been looking for real estate in this price range. We can help you get closer to your real estate goals!

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